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bioLOGIC offers nearly 15,000 square feet of laboratory, office, conference and meeting space. Tenants have secure, 24/7 access to the lab equipment and supplies that are critical for life science startup companies. Other facility features include building-wide WiFi, convenient parking and reception services during business hours.

Business Services

We offer our tenant companies basic business services, including things like bookkeeping, clerical support and grant management. This allows startups to focus on what really matters: growing their companies. We also offer access to our extensive network of mentors and professionals, such as investors, attorneys, accountants, HR, PR, and marketing experts.


Please contact us for information regarding availability and rates, or with any general questions about the incubator.

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  • nimbleSoft is an IT consulting company that  develops custom applications, with clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to startups and nonprofits. These projects can be as simple as websites to maintaining legacy systems/code to building data warehouses and i0S apps.
  • Ethos R&D combines the power of innovative laboratory science with a passion for chronic pain research to develop and deliver novel diagnostic tools for the pain management community. Our mission is to employ state of the art analytical methodologies to more thoroughly examine the biochemical mechanisms of chronic pain.
  • Our mission is to provide oncologists, Biotech/Pharma/Food Supplement companies with state of the art tools to test the potency of small molecules and food supplements to eliminate metastatic and primary tumor growth.
  • Wave Tech is a technology startup poised to disrupt multiple industries by controlling the spectrum of the world’s most abundant energy source: light. We produce customized filters to increase productivity and yield in the algae and agriculture industries.
  • We specialize in software solution design and development for internet and mobile applications. We approach software development with a business acumen and the honesty and integrity necessary to facilitate and cultivate a long standing partnership with clients.